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Luna Aveda Salon
Caring for you in all that we do.
Luna Aveda Salon celebrates local community by participating in fundraising drives for over 40 community organizations, schools, and environmental projects in Victoria.

Luna team achievements include People’s Choice Award for Best Media Personality Hairstyle in BC, 9 Earth Month Shero Hero Awards, 11 Earth Month Fundraising Certificates, 8 Performance Achievement Awards, and Aveda`s  “ One World Award for Humanitarian Activities” – for the salon’s environmental contribution and social consciousness. 


We choose to use Aveda products at Luna because we care for the world in which we live. We value companies who take care of the earth through positive action, who make a difference by taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. We value cradle to cradle thinking. We value positive social and economic change and we support companies who improve the lives of those who grow or gather raw ingredients. We believe that our choices encourage global leadership and environmental research and development. We hope that you will too.​


Luna Aveda Salon’s in-salon certification training program advances hair professionals and promotes success in the beauty business through mentorship, standardizing service and communication skills, and personalized, arts based education. 


Luna Salon is designed with green building materials and displays made from forest certified materials. Our ambient music provides for concentration and relaxation. We are a certified Green Circle Salon. Our carbon footprint is radically reduced through recycling and upcycling. Unused service materials are not thrown into the garbage. Paper, plastic, foils and colour materials are recycled. Hair cuttings are collected and made into pillows for displaced peoples or mats that soak up oil from oil spills.      


Twice a year, we train in hair design, hair colour, styling and makeup collections designed by the Aveda Global team in London in order to offer our clients spring and fall trends off the runways around the globe.


Founded in 1989 by Elizabeth Mincey, Luna Aveda Salon embraces Luna’s ancient archetype. Our services are steeped in wisdom, five element theory and Ayurveda. Through the use of plant and flower materials and stress relieving rituals, our signature services and hair products allow us to create healthy hair, beautiful hair, and leave your feeling great and looking better.

      Beautiful Hair

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